• 3 editions
    255 participants
    30 countries

    In 3 editions, Kinoctambule welcomed, in Saint-Etienne, 255 participants from 30 countries all over the world: Angola, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, French Guiana, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, Marocco, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Quebec, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, Turkey.

    All together, these filmmakers, technicians, actors, musicians and cinema lovers made more than 110 films and more than 160 soundtracks.
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Kinoctambule is an international laboratory creating short films. Its principle relies on intercultural exchanges, sharing knowledge and experience while releasing films and musical scores. For ten days or so, more than 80 applicants (mainly film-makers, actors, technicians, musicians, …), foreigners and locals get together in Saint-Etienne so as to write and release short films and to create most of the film scores as well. Each applicant participates in the making of one or several film and musical works, sharing their professional experience or experimenting new areas of expertise. The heart of the project relies on transmission and growth of know-how. The objective is to have professional experience shared and film industry professions initiated.



The Kinoctambule project encapsulates patrimonial and cultural itineraries in the host city, from workshops to exhibitions or public screenings. This international laboratory intensively creating short films is specific insofar as there is no competition between the films. First and foremost, the point is not to win a prize or be ahead of the others, but above all to create collectively and bindingly. All the films to be made will be presented in a public showing. Creating collectively and bindingly, here is the soul of the Kinoctambule event.    



Ciel! Les Noctambules is an association created in Saint-Etienne in 1997. The group first favors the production and distribution of short films of all kinds whether it is documentaries, fictions, clips, animation or experimental films and independent cinema as well.

In 2003 the « Nocs » were given a place in the heart of Saint-Etienne; it was a former and abandoned parish cinema hall. It was to be refurbished and turned into a cinema theatre and production studio to finally become the HQ of the group. Thus « The Noctambule » has become a place of creation and broadcasting. A laboratory dedicated to images! The Cinema theatre  » where movies are watched while sitting on sofas », where independent movies and budding film-makers are privileged along with movies from the alternate network. Movies you won’t see « anywhere else ».

As a true bridge in musical, dance and drama creation, the Noctambules have constantly fought for a multidisciplinary approach on images and cinema. They produce and release original works ( short films, clips, documentaries, …) and bring their talent and knowledge to many partners (reports, video recording of artists, corporate movies, …) and other charities benefiting from creation and distribution place.